January 9, 1988 ⁠— Trump bid could come in a decade, by Glenn Singer

Will the $3 billion man Donald Trump run for president? Probably, but not for perhaps a decade. And that’s from as good an authority as there can be — his wife, Ivana.

“It’s not for the next 10 years — definitely not,” casino executive Ivana Trump says in the January Vanity Fair. “There is so much to do. We have invested in [Atlantic City] close to a billion dollars. We can’t just put it in escrow and go to the White House. It would go down the drain in a second.

“But in 10 years, Donald is going to be just 51 years old — a young man. What he’s done in the last 10 years some corporations don’t do in 100 years.

“Donald is interested in politics at a certain level. But I don’t think he would run for mayor. He could do that so easily. That wouldn’t be a challenge for him.”

Talking about parenting, Ivana Trump says she spends either a morning or an evening each day with her three children.

She also is a firm believer in teaching the youngsters traditional values.

“They have to know the value of money — otherwise they’ll get spoiled like those Khashoggi children,” she says.

Donald Jr., 10, gets a $5 weekly allowance; Ivanka, 6, gets $1; and Eric, 4, doesn’t get any allowance yet.

Ivana Trump also believes in giving children things to do so they can determine what they like and what they don’t. Donald Jr., for example, recently took sailing lessons. That might have been prompted by his father’s purchase of the Khashoggis’ gigantic yacht for $31 million.

When her son said he wanted to get a sailboat, mom told him firmly, “It’s too early — you don’t know if you’re going to like it, and if you decide you like it later on, you’re going to have to work for it.”

-Article and images courtesy of the Newspapers.com archive.

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