Experts say Donald Trump’s ‘policies’ dovetail with what Vladimir Putin would like for Russia, by C. Eugene Emery Jr.

"On the campaign trail, Mr. Trump has repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian leadership, while outlining policies that read like a Kremlin wish list. He has claimed that Putin would never invade Ukraine, suggested permanently ceding Crimea to Russia, and placed conditions on upholding our obligation to protect our NATO allies. He even encouraged Russian espionage to interfere with our election, a tactic Putin has deployed across Central Asia and Europe to boost his preferred candidates. In addition, he has floated lifting sanctions against Russia, which would benefit both Putin and the Trump Organization."

Trump has no regard for rule of law, Trudy Rubin

"Unlike many Americans, immigrants like Khan appreciate what a difference rule of law makes, even when it is far from perfect in application. Khan emigrated from Pakistan, where the military overthrows civilian governments that displease it. Intelligence agencies operate with impunity and in cahoots with Islamist terrorist organizations, while critical journalists are beaten and sometimes killed. So the Khans were thrilled to come to a country where the words 'rule of law' had a meaning. 'We believed in American democracy,' Khan told the convention. He pulled out a small pocket copy of the Constitution and asked whether Trump had even read it, including the words 'equal protection of the law.'"