Trump has no regard for rule of law, Trudy Rubin

"Unlike many Americans, immigrants like Khan appreciate what a difference rule of law makes, even when it is far from perfect in application. Khan emigrated from Pakistan, where the military overthrows civilian governments that displease it. Intelligence agencies operate with impunity and in cahoots with Islamist terrorist organizations, while critical journalists are beaten and sometimes killed. So the Khans were thrilled to come to a country where the words 'rule of law' had a meaning. 'We believed in American democracy,' Khan told the convention. He pulled out a small pocket copy of the Constitution and asked whether Trump had even read it, including the words 'equal protection of the law.'"

2000 Presidential Election: The First Political Conventions of the Internet Era

"Now we must move forward, and we know the course we must follow. We need a smaller, more effective, more efficient, less bureaucratic government that reflects our time-honored values. The American people do not want big government solutions and they do not want empty promises. They want a government that is for them, not against them; that doesn't interfere with their lives but enhances their quality of life. They want a course that is reasonable, help that is realistic, and solutions that can be delivered -- a moderate, achievable, common-sense agenda that will improve people's daily lives and not increase the size of government."