January 15, 1979 — Like Father, Like Son: Anatomy of a Young Power Broker, by Wayne Barrett

"Trump’s problem is not so much what he’s done, but how he’s done it. I decided at the start that I wanted to profile him by describing his deals — not his lifestyle or his personality. After getting to know him, I realized that his deals are his life. He once told me: 'I won’t make a deal just to make a profit. It has to have flair.' Another Manhattan developer said it differently: 'Trump won’t do a deal unless there’s something extra — a kind of moral larceny — in it. He’s not satisfied with a profit. He has to take something more. Otherwise, there’s no thrill.'"

May, 1995 — Emperors of the Air, by Bryan Burrough

"Donald Trump (photographed in New York on March 1, 1995) says he acquired 50 percent of the Empire State Building without paying a penny...'This building is the worst piece of shit you've ever seen in your life,' he says in mock horror. 'It's become an embarrassment to the city of New York.' And he's just warming up. During our talks, Trump describes the Empire State Building variously as 'a dungeon,' 'Stalag 17,' and 'a shithouse,' while observing that 'the tenants down there are living in hell.'"