Fourth of July, 1976 — Happy Birthday America: A Day That Will Stand Tall in Memory, by the Daily News

"The euphoria of the July 4 celebration lingered on as thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to the city boarded the Tall Ships that participated in the Op Sail salute to the bicentennial. Most visitors waited for hours to get aboard to have the mysteries of studding sails, staysails and spankers explained. The soaring masts caught the winds of imagination for anyone lucky enough to get aboard. It was a day they won't soon forget. And for the youngsters, those tall sails will provide some tall tales when they relate the story of the bicentennial to their children."

June 1, 1927 ⁠— POLICE, KLANSMEN IN RUNNING WAR: “Native-born Protestant Americans clubbed by Roman Catholic police when they exercised their rights in the country of their birth,” K.K.K. handbills declared.

"Assassination and riot marred New York's Memorial day yesterday when black-shirted Fascisti and white-robed Klansmen participated in the services in honor of the city's warrior dead. Two Fascisti, both war veterans, were slain in the Bronx, seven prisoners taken in the Jamaica Klan riot were behind bars in Queens, and at least 100 of the white-robed order were nursing battered heads as the toll of political passion and religious conflict. In addition, Times sq. was thrown into a wild state of excitement during the afternoon when Fascisti, armed with clubs and whips, milled furiously through the square seeking to avenge the earlier murder of their members."