July, 2018 — CHILDREN IN CAGES: Voices from the ‘Families Belong Together’ protest

Trump’s barbaric policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and putting them in cages has run into a buzz saw recently. Millions of Americans, from urban young people to suburban moms to fathers in small towns, are outraged, and resistance keeps mounting. People see the assault on immigrant families as intolerable. Many see it as part of an effort to impose a dictatorship on the whole country.

Editors note: Below are thoughts from protesters at the “Families Belong Together” rallies in support of immigrant families June 30. Millions of Americans have voiced outrage. People want a society that does not separate families and jail children.

“I’m here because I don’t want children to be in cages.” (Young child.)

“This is not right. Animals don’t even treat other animals like this.”

“We have to speak out now while we can, before we can’t.”

“I’m concerned. We’re losing our sense of compassion for anyone ‘different’ from ourselves.”

“Values, institutions, Supreme Court, all the issues, it’s so frightening; are we crying in the wilderness?”

“Any time a group in power is scared by minorities, there is a backlash. History has shown — the holocaust.”

“ICE needs to be abolished. Everyone needs to vote. Get rid of this administration.”

“I’m a social worker so I know the trauma these children face.”

“They’re going after a lot of things today, unions, etc., not a good path.”

“We need to start by getting the families together. And then solve immigration.”

“Allow people to legally seek asylum. Allow the dreamers. Then, do the rest of the immigration issue. We have enough space for everybody.”

“We need to make sure they know we’re all here because we want change to happen. We have to get together for a change.”

-Article and images courtesy of Archive.org.

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