The First and Second Amendments Clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia — The Guns Won, by Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern

"When people bring weapons to a protest, it is frightening. It is scary. It chills freedom of speech. You will you will watch what you say around men who are carrying weapons that could shoot a hole the size of a grapefruit in your body in a second. And that’s not what what freedom of expression is supposed to mean."

Masks are required at RNC 2020 in Charlotte, but many are not wearing one, by Alison Kuznitz

"The scenes inside the Convention Center sharply contrasted with recent assurances from RNC and local officials, who have touted sweeping health guidelines to mitigate COVID-19 exposure risk for delegates and Charlotte area residents... Quick-turnaround testing for coronavirus is in place for the convention but results won’t be immediately publicly-disclosed, Harris said. After the event is over, an 'after-action' report will be released but the timing of that is unclear."

They delivered for America: Now it’s our turn to deliver for the United States Postal Service.

"There is nothing plain about Joe Biden, and he is not your ordinary politician. He has been the hottest thing in Delaware politics, and some say in the U. S. Senate, since he became the youngest person ever elected to that body last November. He did everything but pop his galluses to form a perfect harmony with his Sussex County audience, but it was as ineffective as yelling 'scat' to the fruit flies. Biden, in trying to assume a country boy's demeanor, was trying to deny the things that have made him popular: his bluntness, readiness to discuss any issue, his rugged handsomeness and his six-foot, one-inch, broad-shouldered masculine mystique, all of which combines to form a Kennedy-like aura."

This is Trump’s America: American Nazis, Evangelical Christians, and the Mystery of Lawlessness

"The chuckleheads in Charlottesville aren't soldiers of free speech, or American values, or the preservation of their white history, whatever that even means. They are lousy domestic terrorists. They aren't trying to 'unite the right.' They are slow-thinking and disenfranchised whites looking for a cause with almost flop-sweat desperation, punks with torches, famous now in the easiest possible way in America. For being stupid."